About us

Woodland Dwelling is a small family business based in Wales. Owner Russell Horsey has spent the last 20 years planting trees and working with community groups across the UK to improve urban forestry in our towns and cities.

We also provide equipment for better tree establishment: Carbon Gold, Bulldog Tools and Briers gloves and UK made Tree Planting Bags. We are also the primary distributors of TreePans in the UK.

Carbon Gold helps with root establishment on new shrubs and trees as well as reducing transplant shock and water stress. Whilst TreePans kill off any grass and weed competition without the need to constantly add mulch or spray with chemicals, TreePans are also designed to funnel rainwater to the roots, and stop strimmer and mower damage. Together these two products significantly improve young tree survival.

We dont just sell our products we also use them on projects across the UK with Councils, community groups and schools.  We work with community groups all around the UK to set up tree planting programs. In the 2020/2021 planting season, we played a key role in planting programs in Northampton and 11 schools in Neath Port Talbot.