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A small family business in Wales dedicated to enhancing tree growth, and providing the right tools for gardening and outdoor education

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This total tree care product is first and foremost a tree guard to protect your trees from mechanical damage. Next, TreePans eliminate weeds and turf grass in a 35″ diameter around your tree and retain moisture in and around the root system of trees. This low-profile watering system is perfect for trees that need more water and better protection!

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carbon gold biochar products soil enhancement

Carbon Gold Organic Compost & Tree Soil

Enriched Biology Blend contains biochar, a carbon rich form of charcoal that provides a permanent infrastructure for the colonisation of beneficial micro-organisms. When added
to any substrate it increases yields by improving plant health and allows for greater
uptake of nutrient.

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briers gloves

Briers Gardening Collection

Ensure that your hands are always protected by using our gloves of all types and sizes made by Briers. In addition, browse through the variety of gardening tools available for adults and children.

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Kids Gardening Tools, Gloves & Wellies

Browse through our extensive collection of childrens gardening and outdoor activity kits. Help your child become a nature detective.

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Bulldog Garden Tools

For over 200 years, Bulldog Tools have been a trusted name among gardeners, farmers and professional landscapers worldwide, outlasting other tools in the shed and being passed down from one generation to another. The Pedigree by Bulldogs range of hand tools focus on design, durability, elegance and performance. The end result is a garden tool that is as resilient and strong as its company’s namesake, with tools that take pride of place in any shed or garden setting

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